Environmental Policy of Ullrich GmbH

We aim to implement environmental protection in a continuous improvement process as an integral part of all business activities and to avoid environmental harm. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is a natural part of our business and subject to ongoing review. Moreover, it is our corporate objective to balance environmental protection and economic efficiency. This requires the commitment of all employees, which we strengthen through training and by assigning independent responsibility. Managerial staff have a special role model function in this regard.

Environmental Management

Ullrich GmbH strives to avoid negative impacts of its products on humans and the environment as far as possible. Suppliers are expected to establish and maintain an efficient environmental management system to attain this goal. The Procurement department will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have in this regard.

Energy Policy of Ullrich GmbH

Ullrich GmbH aims to optimise its energy consumption in the long-term and on a sustainable basis. To this end, the company operates an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. We are committed to measurably increase our energy efficiency and to consistently identify and implement optimisation potentials for our energy consumption and energy use. We have appointed an energy manager for this purpose.
We are committed to ensure that all necessary internal information and resources are available to this end.
We are committed to complying with all legal requirements for energy efficiency, energy consumption, and energy use. We are equally committed to conform with such requirements even in cases when they don’t result from the law, but from agreements with our customers or other third parties.
Our procurement gives preference to energy-efficient products and services. When comparing potential variants, we not only look at isolated procurement costs, but also the subsequent costs of energy consumption during the projected duration of use.
Based on the framework established herein, we define detailed and measurable goals for our energy efficiency, our energy consumption, and our energy use. These are reviewed on a regular basis.
This commitment is communicated throughout the company. It is reviewed regularly and adjusted to new situations as necessary.

Energy Management

Our suppliers are advised that the evaluation of products, equipment and services that have a significant impact on our energy use will in part be based on their energy-related performance.
We expect our suppliers to actively support any possible optimisation of our energy use and energy consumption as well as energy efficiency over the projected duration of use of the required energy-consuming products, equipment and services.