Gob production line technology

We are seeing an increasing trend among our clients for smaller gob weights. To produce this new spectrum of gobs efficiently in the future, the development of a new gob line was needed. With the help of experience from existing gob production lines, the new third generation line has been developed. The tried-and-tested components such as feeding devices and scissors have been transferred on a one-to-one basis.

The moulding table is controlled using a highly dynamic, wear-free TORQUE drive. This drive does not need any gears, making it completely free of play. A newly developed handling system is being used as a removing element, which extracts several gobs at the same time. As a result, the process speeds are reduced which makes higher cutting rates possible. The portal can be operated in three directions whereby changes to the inlet and stacking position can be reacted to individually.

The chain conveyor makes it possible to transport the gobs from the moulding machine to the cooling conveyor. The cooling conveyor loader puts these gobs directly on the cooling conveyor. This means that this is where sources of error on the gob and in the machine can be reduced.

Special attention was also placed on ensuring the user-friendliness of the line. For example, the chain conveyor has a discharge unit with which the retained gobs are automatically removed. As a result, the machine operator must not remove these by hand in the case of an error. Instead, the error can be immediately localised and rectified where appropriate.

In contrast to other lines, the control unit of the mechanical components was developed completely in-house. This means that changes and errors can be reacted to more quickly.

A major advantage of this new control unit is the critical axes can be moved in a reverse-optimised way. As a result, vibrations and oscillations in the system can be avoided. Consequently, the lifespan of the components is increased and the quality of the gobs is improved considerably.

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