Our trusting contact persons are at your service for consultations before, while and after a project:

Jürgen Oswald, Geschäftsführer

Jürgen Oswald, Managing Director

Phone: +49992298-246
Email: j.oswald@ullrich-gts.com

Verena Schaffer, Assistant to Managing Director

Phone: +49992298-246
Email: v.schaffer@ullrich-gts.com

Michael Quidde, Leiter Vertrieb und Marketing
Michael Quidde, Director Sales and Marketing

Phone: +49992298-421
Email: m.quidde@ullrich-gts.com

Christian Sabathil, Projektmanager
Christian Sabathil, Project Manager

Phone: +49992298-424
Email: c.sabathil@ullrich-gts.com

Benjamin Ranzinger, Qualitätssicherung
Benjamin Ranzinger, Quality Manager

Phone: +49992298-433
Email: b.ranzinger@ullrich-gts.com