We supply preformed gobs which are suitable for double-sided glass mouldings. Gobs are produced by injecting the molten glass directly into moulds. The internationally patented Tritan® crystal glass is used for this.

Technical properties

  • Refraction index      nd          1,5221
  • Abbe number            Vd        56,75
  • Density                  g/cm3          2,52
  • Thermal expansion α (20°C; 300°C)  10e-6*K-1       9,3

Semi-finished glass products

  • Gobs are suitable for double-sided glass mouldings
  • A lens is pressed from the gob due to a transformation at approx. 400° – 850°C
  • The advantage of the glass mouldings is the diversity of shapes which a pressed optical part can take (e.g. notches, openings, edgings)


Gobs – Table of sizes & weights for semi-finished glass products